Aerial Toys: Adventures With Flying Machines John F. Hanson

Aerial Toys: Adventures With Flying Machines

by John F. Hanson

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John Hanson comes from a family of pilots, and has been an aviation fanatic as long as he can remember. Starting with spontaneously assembling his first model airplane at the age of two from clothespins in his mother's laundry basket, he made sure every phase of his life somehow involved airplanes. He bought his first real airplane at the age of fifteen, and has always either owned an airplane or been thinking about owning one ever since. Now retired from a forty-year airline career, he is on airplane #21, and has written this book about his life with these fabulous toys! There are two editions of the print version of this book available, each with 59 photos. This one is the lesser expensive of the two options, as all the photos are in black and white. For the full color experience (47 of the 59 photos in color) at a slightly higher price), check out the other edition, ISBN-13: 9781540858351.































John F Hanson


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